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This is a blog where I share to you about my shows, my experiences in magic and any other tidbits of information I feel is important.  I hope you enjoy this blog….let me know if you do!



Blue & Gold Banquet Pack 961 in Purcellville, VA

22 February 2015

  I had a great time tonight performing for Pack 961 in Purcellville, VA. There was a late minute change of venue because the original location (School) was closed so it was moved to Hillsboro, VA at the Old Stone School. This old building was very nice and had an excellent stage. Thank you Barry Mitchell for Can opener…1st time using it and it was a hit. Thanks to Kyle Peron for his help with the Chair suspension…it received a lot of compliments after the show…
I will be posting picture in the future!!!


Eagle Scout!

Max getting awarded his Eagle Scout




My son receiving his Eagle Scout award.  It seems like so many years ago, he started in Cub Scouts as a bobcat, then tiger all the way through Cub Scouts then into Boy Scouts.  I remember our first Cub Scout camping trip..we had so much fun.  Max has grown a lot over the years, he really enjoys the outdoors, either camping or hiking…the Scouts has given him the opportunity to try different activities most kids don’t experience.  He learned about honor, courage, dedication, leadership, just to name a few.  He has developed life long friendships and experiences he will talk about someday to his children and grandchildren.  Two great trips to Philmont Scout Ranch highlighted his last few years in the Scouts followed by earning his Eagle.  Great Job, MAX!





Just got myself a Magic Rick jingle song.  I really like it…take a listen and tell me what you think.



Just sharing with you my newest magic giveaway.  I will be using this trick in my shows and then giving a smaller version out to all the Kids.  I have a secret magic page where you can go to and learn the trick.  I will be posting a teaching video on the page explaining how to perform it and some other tips.  There is also a larger version on the page (PDF) that you can print out for yourself or for friends.  The is a SECRET word you have to use to access the page…If I gave you one of these at a show…You will know the password!  If not, send me a email at secretword@magicrick.com and I will email you the SECRET word.  I will be teaching other tricks on this page through video or PDF’s, so make sure to check back often.

5 Card Magic Trick!

Would you like to learn this trick?

Pick the card that's different

Click on either card to go to SECRET Page. You must know the SECRET password!










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